Somewhere floating between Family of the Year and Yo La Tengo ... a discreetly melancholy of Zeta Prime come’s to the surface.

ZETA PRIMES is a band based in the eastern alps. They started from home recording projects of Charles Harm. In 2011 his Beethoven loving friend and college mate Bene Unterberger joined him to build up a live performance with whatever they can play at a time – guitars, synths, drum pedals. In late 2013 their friend Chrissi Anich joined them with his guitar and more synths. Lately Patty joined as their drummer.

DOORS is a music short film about two men who face the challenge of finding a proof of the Riemann hypothesis - a mathematical problem which resists showing its nature since the 19th century. The journey takes them to unknown regions and barriers they can hardly pass. Once they believe to have found what they searched for they gaze at what no one could have expected.