About nostalgia and futurism…

Seriously, the eighties totally sucked! At least, that’s what everyone says. Mainly that’s us – the children of the 80s who, apart from Playmobil, David Hasselhof and fluorescent suspenders, hardly perceived the whole extent of the junk our decade amounted to. Although the matter is actually really simple: It’s all about your roots – search for them, find them, localize or temporalize them. Here and now.

Hence, we children of the 80s need both time and place. And sooner or later we need to examine: where do we come from? When did all of this happen to us? All of this, that we have become?!

Grizzley and the Kids: Two sons of the 80s, two kids of the forest, took a look back on their home and their past, on decades, episodes and film scenes in their heads and on the rough edges and flaws of their identity.

Music is the valve. Whoever is willing to listen to this howling dispute will see and hear how memory and present are pleasurably shaking hands.

The lights go on. The dancefloor gleams gaudy. We hear yearning, proliferation, shy glances and technical reincarnations. Melancholia and departure lives in song, carried by a plane of grandiose clichés and return. And they did not forget the guitar. And they have not forgotten the guitar! Thus, beautiful memories will not be stopped and slowly but surely grind you down.

That’s what Grizzley and the Kids sounds like. Ain’t nothing more to add to that!